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"Sushi," a characteristicall worldwide craze. Although use of Shimane Wagyu Bee tender texture, you can prod of fatty tuna.


1. Cook rice with kombu and water, add sushi vinegar (mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt) to the cooked rice and mix.

2. Slice beef into “hegi-zukuri.”

3. Take a handful of (1) and (2) to manually shapeinto sushi form. 

4. Place the sushi on a dish, place kinome on top and serve with pickled ginger.

Beef hegi-zukuri
Slice the beef diagonally into thin strips suitable for manual shaping into sushi by pulling the knife towards     


. 10¹ /₂ oz (300g) Shimane Wagyu Beef fillet
. Some wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
. Vinegared ginger root as needed
. Kinome (young leaf bud of Japanese
pepper tree) as needed
. 8 ³/₄oz (250g) sushi rice
[Ingredients for sushi rice in an easy-to
prepare amount]
. 16 oz (450g) rice
. ¹ /₃ cup (80cc) vinegar
. 1³ /₄ oz (50g) sugar
. 1 tsp (5g) salt
. Kombu (dried kelp) about 3 in. (8cm) long


How to shape sushi
Place the slice of beef in your left hand and apply some grated wasabi. (1)
Gently roll a ball of sushi rice with your right hand and place it on the beef. (2) Flip it upside-down on your left hand and adjust the shape by pressing your two right fingers over the beef. (3) Gently wrap both sides of the sushi with your left hand and press the top with two right-hand fingers to make the shape. (4)
Be careful not to squeeze the sushi too hard.