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This roast beef is made in an original Japanese style by way of steaming, which slowly allows the flavors to blend,
rather than oven roasting. The surface is crispy brown, and although the inside is freshly rose-colored, the flavor of
the soy sauce and sake permeates right through to the center. In this was you can enjoy the pleasant chewy texture
of Kumamoto Aka Ushi.


. 14 oz (400g) Kumamoto Aka Ushi rib
(in loaf form)
. 2¹ /₈ cup (500cc) sake
. 2¹ /₈ cup (500cc) water
. ²/₃ cup (160cc) ordinary soy sauce
. ¹ /₃ cup (80cc) light soy sauce
. 1¹ /₃ oz (40g) sugar
. Some starch with water
. ¹ / ₂ bunch of nanohana
(young rapeseed blossom)
. ⁴ /₅ cup (200cc) dashi (Japanese soup stock)
. 1 tsp (5cc) light soy sauce
. ¹ /₅ tsp (1g) salt
. Japanese mustard as needed


1. Cut the loaf of beef into approximately 1 in. (2-3cm)
size cubes. Put it in a hot frying pan over high heat
and brown the surface.
2. Place (1) into a pot, add sake, water, brown sugar,
hatcho-miso and soy sauce, and place over heat
with a drop lid. After it starts boiling, add some
ginger sliced with the skin intact, reduce heat and
cook until the beef becomes tender.
3. Scrape off the skin of a winter melon with the back
of the knife and make many cuts in the surface.
Cut it into approximately 1 in. (2-3cm) sized cubes
and boil them with water until they become tender.
Soak it in A for over three hours.
4. Microwave potatoes until they become soft, peel
off the skin, mash them and mix well with some A
until smooth.
5. Spread the mashed potatoes on a dish, place the
beef cooked in (2) on it and garnish with winter
melon. Sprinkle some kinome on top.

By covering the beef
in the soup with a
paper towel to steam,
the flavor permeates
through to the middle
of the loaf.



Energy 502kcal
Protein 14.8g
Fat 42.2g
Carbohydrates 6.9g


Iron 1.5mg
Cholesterol 86mg
Dietary fiber 0.8g
Salt 1.7g