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Blanche sliced beef until it turns to a slightly rosy color, cool it, and make it into a salad with some crispy vegetables. It is rich in nutrients and has a refreshing taste, perfect for summertime when people tend to lose their appetite. Be careful not to boil it too much so as not to spoil the tenderness of the Miyazaki Wagyu.


.. 18 oz (500g) of Miyazaki Wagyu short loin
in 1/25 in. (1mm) thick slices
. 3 myoga (Japanese ginger blossom)
. 1 pack of kaiware-daikon
(Japanese radish sprouts)
. 1/2 onion
. 1/2 lettuce
. Pon-zu (citrus-flavored vinegar)
as needed
. Roasted sesame seeds as needed


1. Cut myoga and lettuce in thin strips. Finely
slice onion. Cut off the roots of the kaiware
daikon and cut it into lengths in approximately
three parts. Place all the cut vegetables in
2. Blanche the sliced beef in 167-176-degree
F (75-80°C) water until it turns slightly rosy.
Plunge the blanched beef into ice water.
3. Drain the vegetables prepared in (1) and
spread them on a dish. Paper-dry the
beef prepared in (2) and spread it over the
4. Pour pon-zu over (3) and sprinkle on plenty of
roasted sesame.

Temperature to blanche
the beef

When the beef is boiled in
hot-boiling water, the fat
will be lost and the beef
hardens. Lightly boil the
beef in 167-176-degree F
(75-80°C) water so it turns


Energy 626kcal
Protein 17.3g
Fat 56.2g
Carbohydrates 6.7g


Iron 1.5mg
Cholesterol 109mg
Dietary fi ber 1.7g
Salt 1.9g