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Although pork is usually used to make cutlets in Japan, beef cutlets are also popular in parts of the Kinki Region such as Osaka. The Iwate Shorthorn has less fat so it makes for a healthy dish even when deep-fried. A light and refreshing sauce further brings out the flavor of the beef.


. 2 pieces of 7 oz (200g) Iwate Shorthorn rump
. Some salt
. Some pepper
. Flour as needed
. Eggs as needed
. Bread crumbs as needed
. Oil as needed
. ¹ /₄ carrot
. ¹ /₃ celery
. 1 cucumber
. ¹ /₂ udo (Japanese spikenard)
. ¹ /₅ cup (50cc) Worcester sauce
. ¹ /₅ cup (50cc) ordinary soy sauce
. ¹ /₅ cup (50cc) dashi (Japanese soup stock)
. ¹ /₅ cup (50cc) sudachi (type of Japanese
citrus fruit) juice
. Some Japanese welsh onion


1. Cut the fiber of beef with the point of a knife to
prevent shrinking when deep-fried, salt and pepper
it, and coat it with flour, beaten egg and bread
2. Peel the surface of the carrot, celery, cucumber and
udo very thinly, and then cut the peeled skin in fine
strips. Plunge all these ingredients in water.
3. Make sauce by mixing Worcester sauce with soy
sauce, dashi and sudachi juice. Sprinkle in chopped
Japanese welsh onion.
4. Slowly deep-fry the beef prepared in (1) with oil at a
temperature of 340-360 degrees F (170-180°C).
5. Cut the beef cutlet prepared in (4), place it on a dish
and serve with vegetables and sauce prepared in (2)
and (3).


Energy 856kcal
Protein 37.3g
Fat 62.1g
Carbohydrates 29.8g


Iron 3.7mg
Cholesterol 188mg
Dietary fiber 4.3g
Salt 2.0g