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Branded Beef are usually adopting the grading by the Japan Meat Grading Association to their definitions, and generally the beef carcasses with a higher quality than a certain standard are certified as the brand products.

Kobe beef is using some of the grading standards by this association.
There are some brands, such as Matsusaka beef and Oumi beef, that do not adopt these grading standards to their products.

The more popular the brand, demand increases.
Once limited only to A5 rank or A4 and A5, it will cause difficulty in keeping up the products supply.
Thus, the popular brands tend to avoid applying the grading standards as part of their definitions, so that they can leave some latitude in grading.

Currently, it is said that it is only Sendai beef that restricts to A5.

Producing famous brand beef even if the ranks are lower, rather than struggling to produce the highest A5 rank beef — this is becoming the mainstream.

Scarcity of A5 rank beef increases.

Instead of relying on brand names, we have always regarded the quality as important to serve our guests the high quality beef. And so we will!