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With the Japanese mind and hospitality, we are proposing our Japanese BBQ style as the WAGYU TEAM “BEARS”, we serve the authentic WAGYU Japanese beef with pride.

“WAGYU SUSHI” is our specialty.

Wagyu beef of a texture like tuna Toro (fatty tuna) melts on your tongue!

“Fatty WAGYU SUSHI” (a set menu), an assort of Wagyu beef loin Sushi balls, lightly toasted Sushi balls and thin Sushi rolls, has been featured many times by the famous magazines in Japan, such as “Tokyo Meat Book”.

Our secret menu “WAGYU SUSHI Assort” is a Sushi combo of various beef cuts.
When this assort was featured also on a nationwide popular TV show in 2010, a famous actress selected it as her favorite and it became No.1 of the domestic ranking (in this TV show).

The number of the restaurants that serve beef Sushi is increasing nowadays, however, our WAGYU Sushi is highly appreciated among them according to the following reasons, we believe; we have an insistence on the high quality WAGYU beef, a chef with the artisan spirit who has 20 years of career as a Sushi chef, and a commitment to “SUSHI” which is a synonymous with Japan itself.

A stable technique of forming Sushi balls, the moderate amount of the rice for each Sushi, the best steamed rice, a stable rolling technique of Sushi rolls, perfect toasting of the beef, and of course, the seasoning materials, such as rice vinegar, salt, Sudachi (Japanese citrus), sauce — we, the WAGYU TEAM “BEARS”, serve with a confidence.

We serve the highest rank beef of authentic WAGYU bred and raised in Japan, by the unique Japanese style, with Japanese hospitality!